Tourist Code of Ethics

In addition to being a tourist in a foreign country, travelers may unwittingly serve as an ambassador to his or her homeland. Longstanding attitudes and judgments about your country may be formed based upon your behavior in the Dominican Republic - thus it is of the utmost importance that tourists conduct themselves in a manner which will not negatively affect those around them or future travelers from their homeland. Printed below is the North American Center for Responsible Tourism's code of ethics for tourists.

Travel with a spirit of humility and a genuine desire to meet and talk with local people.

Be aware of the feelings of others. Act respectfully and avoid offensive behavior, particularly when taking photographs.

Cultivate the habit of active listening and observing rather than merely hearing and seeing. Avoid the temptation to "know all the answers."

Realize that others may have concepts of time and attitudes which are different - not inferior - to those you inherited from your own culture.

Instead of looking only for the exotic, discover the richness of another culture and way of life.

Learn local customs and respect them.

Remember that you are only one of many visitors. Do not expect special privileges or treatment.

When bargaining with merchants, remember that the poorest one may give up a profit rather than his or her personal dignity. Don't take advantage of the desperately poor. Pay a fair price.

Keep your promises to people you meet. If you cannot, do not make the promise.

Spend time each day reflecting on your experiences in order deepen your understanding. Is your enrichment beneficial for all involved?

Be aware of why you are traveling in the first place. If you truly want a "home away from home," why travel?

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