Our Mission

To support local businesses and commerce through the aggressive promotion of "all-inclusive" alternatives while promoting socially and ethically responsible tourism.

Company History & Information

Our history in the Dominican Republic dates back to 1996 when we commenced operations as a local graphic design and commercial printing agency in Puerto Plata. Our company serviced the needs of local hotels and tourist-oriented businesses, designing brochures, menus, and business cards. In early 1999 we relocated to the United States and launched several travel-related web sites for rental properties and tour operators in the Puerto Plata area. Operating as The Puerto Plata Online Group we currently administer an English language Puerto Plata travel portal and numerous commercial sites.

Our Clients

Our team of web designers and local sales representatives have created and marketed web-based advertising for several prominent local companies including:

Hotel Sunshine & Restaurant Mr. Luis

Hotel Condado

Sam's Bar & Grill and Hotel Castilla

Hotel Village

Columbus Aguaparque

Hotel Victoriano

Our client list continues to grow as we actively pursue our goal to become the internet's largest Puerto Plata tourism resource. To find out how to list your vacation property or local business on our sites, please email .

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